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Musa evaluates ventures holistically across the metrics that matter to funders. Helping you strengthen your funding case and improve venture health.

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Redefining funding for startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

A Holistic Approach
Musa’s proprietary assessment tools go beyond financials to provide a comprehensive analysis of each venture, access to key insights and real-time feedback. So founders can develop a deep understanding of their ventures' potential.

For Founders & Funders
Equally serves ventures seeking to improve their funding readiness and funders seeking enhanced assessment capabilities, fostering a symbiotic relationship between startups and financial backers.

AI-Powered Venture Assessment
By blending advanced analytics, machine learning, and GenAI, we have created a sophisticated platform that revolutionises how ventures approach equity and debt funding, providing a clearer, more navigable path to success.


The amount of businesses needing funding has exploded. Meaning everything from VC funding to business loans is a lot harder to get.

Most founders lack the time and expertise to navigate the fundraising process successfully. And few funders have the resources to provide real feedback or guidance.

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Stand out in the crowd

Pitch decks with vague performance measures are no longer sufficient.

Founders need to  clearly showcase their capabilities and benchmark themselves against global ventures.

Understand strategic gaps

Funding decisions should always based on your strategic plans.

Founder must understand strategic gaps and the metrics that matter - increasing their appeal to a wide range of funders.

Objective feedback& insights

Feedback from experienced advisors is critical to good decision making.

Founders need to access real feedback, and the same insights funders have if they are to build healthier ventures.

Proprietary Assessment

Our Venture Health Assessment (VHA) tools are the culmination of more than 30 years of global experience and research into ventures and SMEs. These tools are informed by comprehensive studies conducted by top academic institutions, analysing over 20,000 ventures and involving more than 600 funding firms.

Intelligent Venture Health Dashboards

Founders get fast seamless access to valuable sector, market, and venture insights displayed on intuitive and easy-to-follow dashboards, as well as real-time feedback on areas that need improvement and recommendations on next steps.

Algorithmic matching

Advanced analytics help match and connecting ventures to funders if they are funding ready, or to an elaborate ecosystem of partners ready to help them build healthier business.

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