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Musa is designed specifically for tech-enabled SMBs.
We provide visibility across all key metrics that matter to financiers, helping you build a healthier, funding-ready business.

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Our platform bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and financiers, offering holistic assessments and intelligent insights.

Holistic Assessments
Assess and track business health, monitor strengths and weaknesses and plan scenarios.

Intelligent Insight Dashboard
Access clear, actionable feedback, benchmarking, and visual insights for data-driven decisions.

Smart Financing & Scenario Tools
Test strategies and explore financing options to make smarter decisions.

Strategic Connections
Connect with the right resources, including debt and equity financiers, based on your unique needs.

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Health Scoring

Venture Health Assessment Score assesses businesses across 12 strategic pillars and 4 dimension.

Statistical Robust

Informed by Harvard, Stanford, and Cambridge studies analyzing over 20,000 ventures and 600 funders.

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