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Musa removes bottlenecks in funding funnels, by helping investors intelligently assess ventures.

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Deal sourcing and selection are more important drivers of returns (60%) than VC value-added (40%).

Yet for most VCs fail to spend adequate resources on their processes. Their reach is narrow, their top of funnel  clogged with record numbers of ventures, and their existing processes cannot consistently and objectively assess diverse ventures in high volumes.

Its a volume game

The best deals are not always in your immediate network - so meeting the founders where they are and sourcing richly is key.

Funders must leverage grassroots networks and existing ecosystems to attract diverse founders. Utilising intelligent technology to remove top-of-funnel bottlenecks so all founders can apply.

Consistency is crucial

Manual screening is rife with errors and bias, resulting in inconsistent quality and inequitable funding patterns.

Funders need to even the playing field with shared insight, clear benchmarks and timely feedback. Helping diverse founders build their investment case based on the metrics that matter.

Trust and Transparency

Poorly articulated mandates, opaque processes and information asymmetries leave founders and LPs dissatisfied.

What's measured is managed - so funders need to track the entire funding funnel holistically, from pipeline to portfolio. Showcasing their commitment to DEI, ESG and helping build healthier ventures.

Redefining the capital-raising landscape for funders and founders, Musa is the ultimate AI-powered venture assessment tool.

With advanced analytics, machine learning, and GenAI,
Musa intelligently assesses diverse ventures. Helping improve funder's entire funnel from pipeline to portfolio.

Our proprietary assessment tools are tailored to investment mandates, helping drive transparency in the process and assess ventures consistently and objectively.

We use intelligent analytics to evaluate ventures holistically and provide real-time feedback to help founders strengthen their investment case and build healthier ventures.

Top of Funnel Enrichment

Musa's Intelligent Quiz aids founders on your website by providing critical insights into their venture's readiness for investment, coupled with real-time strategic feedback. Our tool replaces obsolete surveys, directly integrating with your CRM to assist swiftly in rooting out the 'no's and eliminating top-of-funnel bottlenecks.

Holistic assessments

Musa’s Venture Health (VHA) and Investment Readiness Assessment (IRA) tools are built on extensive research by leading academic institutions looking at over 20,000 ventures and 600+ VC firms. Musa Venture Health Score (VHS), a credit score-like grading for burgeoning ventures highlights the business's strategic gaps.

Algorithmic Matching

Mandates are aligned with the capabilities of ventures, enabling algorithmic screening and matching. We’ve honed our unique scoring algorithm from over 30 years' of experience in entrepreneurial strategy and small-business development across the globe

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